Tuesday, April 7, 2009

on the lighter side...

In looking over my last few entries, I realized that I've been super-serious for awhile. Granted, there have been some super-serious events that have shaped what I've written about, and those super-serious events have not stopped. But my life is not all one dramatic life event after another (even if it sometimes feels that way!). So I think today I just want to mention a few random fun things. and i do mean random.

I was proposed to the other day by a 13-year-old boy who can't talk. In the middle of my music therapy session with him, right in the middle of a song, he got on one knee and slipped an imaginary ring on my right index finger. When I asked if he was proposing to me, he signed yes. He later reneacted the scene when I told his mom about it, to which his mom responded that she wasn't sure our relationship was going anywhere...I said no to him a second time, and he took it pretty well. I love my job.

I got to hang out at ASU a couple weeks ago on a Friday night, and it was pretty fantastic. My roommate Amanda and I watched some friends play volleyball, then went walking around campus with some friends of a friend, 2 international students from Libya. They tried to teach us Arabic and we had lots of random conversations about culture. I love hanging out with internationals - I need to do it more often! They didn't know their way around too well, and Amanda didn't go to ASU, so I had fun leading us on a random quest for coffee on campus, even though I was pretty sure there wasn't any available at 10pm on a Friday night.

I talked to my Romanian friend Razvan yesterday - heard his voice for the first time in almost 2 years! He's the one I affectionately refer to as my Romanian gangster friend, although he has corrected me by saying that gangsters are people who kill and he has never killed. Anyway, we had a really great chat yesterday - my headset on my computer finally cooperated so we could talk through yahoo messenger for free. It was so unreal to be able to just talk about life as if we didn't live across the world from each other, as if he didn't almost die last year (long story!), as if it was still 2007 and I'd just come home from Romania.

Ok, like I said, a random selection of happenings...and I'm not even going to round it out with a closing statement - gotta get back to work.