Monday, March 20, 2017

The Journey Continues!

Ok, tonight's entry really should be short and sweet.  I slept beautifully at Raul and Ana's last night, and because Monday is everyone's day off, it was a bit of a relaxed morning.  Raul asked me to help him with some projects in the morning, but we did that from the comfort of the living room and were able to talk and pray together before I had to leave.  I also enjoyed sweet conversation with Ana and felt like I had to tear myself away from this dear family when it was time to go.

The Costea family, minus their oldest son who was at school
Marcel, a friend from the church, picked me up and took me to the train station.  He's the same one who brought me to the train station last year, and that was such a blessing because he was able to make me laugh when I was pretty much terrified about beginning my solo journey.  This year, I was still a little anxious, but way less scared, and it was nice to chat with him while we waited for the train, which ended up being pretty late. 

one of many beautiful views from the train
The train ride was long but quite lovely.  I chatted with a Romanian girl (in English, I'm so lame) for the first portion of the trip, then kept to myself the rest of the ride, reading, texting, praying, and eating a sandwich and apple that Ana had sent with me, along with some delicious Romanian chocolate. 

I kept trying to avoid getting this man in my pictures,
and then I decided just to go for it, dapper cap and all!

the beginnings of sunset, over the
Danube River

My friend Dawn was waiting for me at the station when I arrived, and took me back to her place.  She has a friend staying on the floor above her right now, and the 3 of us ate and chatted together.  This friend was actually part of training Romanian leaders about the process of deinstitutionalization of kids here in Romania, 15 years ago!  We all had much to talk about.

Tomorrow, I'll get to meet the kids that Dawn works with and maybe do some music therapy with them, although I won't have many instruments to work with.  I'm also hoping to squeeze in the coffee shop that I tried so hard to find last year and which eluded me :-) 

Despite a full night's sleep last night and some lovely naps on the train, I am so ready for bed!  Good night!

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